Monday, September 5, 2011

VoiceQuilt: Congratulations and We Love You, Sarge!

I was recently emailed by a company called VoiceQuilt to do a review for their product. It just happens that the timing is perfect as Sarge will be re-enlisting in the Air Force very soon and this is a great way for our family and friends to be able to congratulate him despite the distance! To top it off sometimes the end of deployment, which we are finally near, can be very stressful as military members try to bridge the gap between work and reconnecting with family and life at home.

The process has just begun but so far it has been incredibly easy!  I signed up on their website and then called the given number and followed the prompts to create a greeting that all callers hear when they call to leave their message. If you have ever used voicemail, this works just the same! We have 7 days to record as many messages as we can. After the messages are recorded, I'll continue the process by arranging them into a playlist and choosing a way to present them to Sarge. There are so many options - I'm not sure what I'll choose just yet but I am leaning toward the Audio CD with Leather CD Holder or maybe something like the 4X6 Photo Black Keepsake Box.

I am so excited about this project!  If you'd like to participate just follow the instructions below! It really doesn't matter if you know Sarge personally or not -- if you're a supporter of the military and our family it would be great to hear from you!

To leave a message of encouragement or congratulations for Sarge dial the toll-free number: 1-877-687-7845 and use invitation number: 154638. Follow the prompts and record your message just like you are leaving a voicemail. Use # to review your message and you can just hang up to save it! The deadline to leave a message is September 12, 2011 so please call TODAY!  In addition, if you'd like to send a card you can find our PO Box address on the contact me tab above.

Thank you for helping me create such a great surprise for Sarge!  I'll be blogging more about VoiceQuilt as I work on the project and there just might be a discount or giveaway so stay tuned!