Sunday, August 7, 2011

Help find a cure... Be the change.

Friends, this is not something I do very often. However, I feel like I must make this post today and ask that you look into your hearts and see if there is any way that you can make a donation to make a difference in honor of a woman I have never met, who I know must be completely amazing.  

This is Mike and his mom Jean.  Jean was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and the lives of their family were changed forever. I met Mike while working at YMCA Camp Timbers in West Branch, Michigan summer of 2003. While we weren't close friends at the time we have remained in contact thanks to the wonders of Facebook and I have followed his journey as he has been by his mom's side every step of her battle.

In a way I can relate to Mike because my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness 6 years ago. My family is extremely lucky in that the doctors gave her 5 years to live and my mom is still here! She has good days and bad days but she still has days... I am so thankful for each and every day that she is still here with us.

Not everyone is so lucky. Mike's family has recently moved his mom to a hospice setting with comfort and peace as the goal. He is still so bravely fighting to reach a goal he set to raise $11,111.11 to honor his mom who's birthday was on 1/11/11 this year. All money raised will benefit breast cancer research. At the time of this post he is approximately $707 away from meeting this goal.

As Mike and his family surround his mom with support and love can you find it in your heart to support this family and my friend by making a donation to help him reach his goal?  Even if you only have a few dollars to give, please think about giving.  If you can't make a donation today, please pass along their story so that maybe someone else will feel led to donate. Every little bit counts.

He's fighting for his mom and for a cure for all men and women and their families affected by this disease. He's not going to give up his fight because he can't walk away.

If you'd like to read more about Mike's story you can do so here ----> Read Mike's Story

If you'd like to make a donation please do so here ---> Make A Donation