Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the mend

After almost an entire week of being completely down with this silly flu and pneumonia combo, I am relieved to say that I think Monkey and I are on the mend. It appears that Sarge has successfully avoided getting sick, which is to be mostly expected since he seems to have an immune system of steel!  Thank goodness he was home and was able to take a few days of leave to help take care of us. It really made me appreciate having him here to help me co-parent. He was able to take the baby and keep her mostly away from me so she didn't get sicker, and just brought her to me for quick cuddles, nursing, and a few diaper changes.   It also made me a little worried about what will happen if I get that sick again while he is deployed... I guess we will cross that bridge if we come to it, and in the meantime we will just pray it doesn't happen!

Unfortunately, being sick meant we had to miss out on several deployment preparation days. Deployment #2 is coming up incredibly quickly! Everything around here literally came to a screeching halt while we were sick and I now feel so behind! Luckily I made a list a few weeks ago and have started organizing things so now we just have to do them!  I thought it might be helpful to do a few posts about things that help me through a deployment.  So, stay tuned for:

  • My Deployment binder
  • Packing for deployment - guest post from Sarge!
  • Flat Daddy Project - with information on how to get a FREE Flat Daddy for your kiddo!
  • POA's fast and easy
  • OP Love & deployment gifts
  • Helping your kids cope with deployment - with a special giveaway!
If you're a military spouse and you have any tips on coping with deployment that you'd like to share please feel free to email me at!  I'll compile a list and share it here on the blog in the next few weeks.

If you're not military, please stick around!  Aside from deployment, I'll be talking about all the other stuff going on in our life too. I'm especially excited to share about a recent cross country trip we took with Monkey. We left home when she was 1.5 months old and about 8,000 miles in 30 days later we returned when she was 3 months old! It was quite the adventure!

Ah for now, I think it's time for Monkey bathtime and nighttime snuggles! 

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threewinks05 said...

It is so nice to know that God will supply what we need when we need it. Not a minute before. Keep trusting in the one who has brought you through so much already.
And remember in scripture it even says that God has answered before we have even asked. Know you are loved and interceeded for often. Keep resting.:)

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