Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homecoming 2010

It was everything I imagined it would be and more.  Homecoming day has come and gone and I can truly say I am just so thankful to have him home again.  Home... where I can hug him, kiss him, and just spend time with him whenever I want, with no one interrupting us and no waiting in line for his time!

I was extremely nervous to see him on the day he came home.  It was so much like the anticipation I felt going on our first date, after having only talked to him online -  I knew we hit it off online, but I couldn't help but wonder how things would be in person.  This time, I knew he loved me and I loved him but I couldn't help but wonder how we each had changed in person and how we would react to each other's changes.  The day had finally come and despite all the nerves, I was just excited that my husband was finally coming home to me!!

I got to the airport plenty early, so nervous his plane would land early and he would be waiting for me rather than me waiting for him.  I was relieved and then instantly even more anxious when I got there and his plane hadn't come in. The flight number on the screen was different than what he had told me. He had called me when he landed in DC early in the morning, but I hadn't heard from him once he got to Chicago so I was worried he never made it or something had happened with his flights and he wouldn't be arriving on time.

I didn't have to wait too long before I saw him coming through the security doors.  I felt myself instantly light up and it was as if a thousand pounds of weight had been lifted from my shoulders as I ran to him and was wrapped up tight in his arms.  If the people in the airport noticed, I had no clue because in that moment it was if everything else just faded away and we were the only two people on the planet.  I was finally in his arms and there was absolutely no better place to be!  So far, there is nothing in life that has compared to this moment... it was amazing!  The next hour passed in a blur of hugging, kissing, holding hands and eventually getting his baggage from baggage claim and heading to the car to finally head home again... together.  After 8 crazy months, our first deployment journey is finally over!

Just to clarify - it was not our decision for my husband to come home from deployment early. The Chief of the Unit determined it to be in the best interest of the military and our family, after doctors discovered a potentially life threatening pregnancy complication. We are extremely lucky and thankful that God placed us in a position to have a Chain of Command who truly puts family first


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh, I'm so extremely happy for you guys! Those photos are great and I loved the slide show. I just about lost it when I saw the picture of his hand on your belly. :)

ATALW said...

Beautiful!! The video made me smile and cry!

Vicki said...

Oh holy crap... I realized I hadn't checked your blog in a while so I did, and I watched this video... guess I needed a good cry! Love you so much. <3

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