Monday, April 26, 2010

26% Done...

I finally broke down and put the stats for this deployment into the famous "Donut of Misery" this morning.

26% seems like such a measly number, especially since the return date is just a hopeful one for now because we don't know what is actually a realistic date to count on yet... and won't for weeks/months.

Maybe I should count in paychecks instead?  Nope, that number is pretty high and depressing too...

We've got 2 special days down and 6 to go.... I guess that countdown is low enough, but I know in my head once we get past the next 5 special days that come relatively quickly, one after another, the last one is going to take forever to get here.

Maybe today's project will be going to find a big jar to put my good night "kisses" in.  It's easier to swallow the long countdown when it's chocolate, right?