Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love!

Today is my husband's 27th birthday!  

Due to the time difference he has already celebrated his birthday overseas and is on to just another day of work. It just seems so strange that he is not here to spoil!  Granted, I feel pretty yucky still so I'm certain it would have been a very low key day.  I've been so miserably sick that I have yet to even get his birthday care package in the mail to him.  Thankfully he understands, and it's going out tomorrow. It is packed with items that I think he is going to love!  I tried to avoid being too practical and focused on things that would make his life easier or more fun during deployment.  His cake this year?  Well I did manage to make him a cake of stacked twinkies held together with a little frosting.  I took a picture of my finished product for him, and then included a box of twinkies, icing and candles so he can build his own when his birthday package arrives. I also collected cards from family and friends to include this time, so he knows lots of people are thinking about him today.

Honey, I know we both wish you could be home for your birthday this year.  It seems so strange to know that I have not seen, hugged, and kissed the 27 year old version of you!  This year is going to be an amazing one for our family and I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my life.   Happy Birthday my love!  Come home soon!