Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Seven

My super-amazing friend, Sarah over @ SquareGoods has inspired me to do my own Saturday Seven posts this year...  so here we go!

1.  Have you checked out the photo challenge that the aforementioned amazing Sarah and I are co-hosting for the month of February? You TOTALLY should!  Leave us a comment and let us know if you're going to be joining us. You can even pin the challenge on Pinterest, share it on FB, tweet it or in general shout about it from the roof tops!  The more the merrier -- PLEASE join in!  More info HERE and HERE.

2. Speaking of making the ickies go away... my baby girl has been sick for 35 days! THIRTY-FIVE. We've been told that it was everything from a virus to a dairy allergy -- yet after completely eliminating dairy in both of our diets (she still breastfeeds several times a day) she is no better. The doctors at two different offices have been running tests for the last week. The most recent result is that we are being referred to a pediatric GI doctor for further evaluation and hopefully treatment. More than I wish I could make myself feel better, after several weeks of my own ickies -- I want my sweet baby girl to feel better!

3. I was super excited to use my neat-o iPhone add on lenses tonight... Sarge got them for me the same night I got my iPhone but I was so busy learning all the Mac/Apple ins and outs I hadn't played with them yet. I finally did tonight...  and now my InvisibleShield is peeling in the corner where the lens clips onto the iPhone. I'm super bummed. I'm going to order the replacement but it won't arrive for weeks and the whole hassle is just... annoying.

4. I've not mentioned it on this blog until now... but I'm pretty excited that my new Scentsy venture is kind of exploding!  I signed up in August and didn't do much with it while Sarge was deployed... but now that the word is getting out, I'm getting quite a few orders and have started brining in a little bit of extra change in the process. I'm hoping that eventually I get to the point where I can pay for Monkey's extra-curricular activities with this money. It's just the beginning, but hopefully....  Right now, I'm doing a fundraiser for Mason's Cause, Inc. - the one place to turn to when faced with infant loss.  Click HERE to buy from the Mason's Cause, Inc. Scentsy party and 100% of the profits will go directly to Mason's Cause, Inc. Bereavement Grant program.

5. We have approximately 6 loads of laundry to wash, fold, and put away by tomorrow...  then, I need to strip diapers -- which will take approximately 2 loads and several hours each. I usually don't mind laundry... but when it piles up like this I just despise it and kind of wish I could make it disappear with a magic wand.

6. We are PCSing!  (not exactly new news... )  ONE week from today, it will be our very last night in this house. Sarge and I's first home together... the home we brought our baby home too. The home I survived 2 deployments in. Lots of memories. It's very bittersweet.

7.  My FAVORITE photo from this week:

I went in to check on Monkey last night, after being very concerned about her breathing most of the evening.
I found her sleeping so sweetly and peacefully. My heart melted into a puddle.  <3