Monday, April 25, 2011

kiss your face

For weeks now, I have been hoping that we'd get a small miracle and the start of deployment would be delayed just long enough for me to kiss my husband's sweet face on his birthday. I wasn't able to see him on his birthday last year and it was hard to be apart.  Well, today is the day and we got our wish!


We are so blessed to have had the start of this deployment delayed by a few days due to bad weather, and I am so thankful that as my husband turns 28 today we are able to celebrate together! We actually celebrated over the weekend so he would have some time with his present before he leaves. Tonight when he is done with work for the day, I plan to have his birthday cake made of Twinkies ready for him to enjoy!  Last year, I made the same type of cake and took a picture to send in his birthday care package... he told me he was thankful for the thought -- but couldn't stand the thought of all those wasted Twinkies!  So I'm sure no Twinkies will go to waste today!

In honor of Sarge's birthday, I put together a list of 28 things I love about him - in no particular order!

28. He is always, always supportive - no matter how crazy, silly or just plain dumb my ideas are.
27. He is positive - always.
26. I can talk to him about anything.
25. When we cuddle we just fit.
24. I love when he stops me wherever we are - usually in the middle of the store - to dance and kiss.
23. I love how he acts like Tigger when you're excited about something.
22. He puts up with my crazy adventures and road trips.
21. He always lets me stop for my state sign pictures.
20. He's an amazing daddy to his litter girl
19. He's an amazing husband
18. I love how he always signs "I Love You" before he leaves the room or house
17. He treats me with respect
16. He hugs me tight
15. If I really want something he figures out a way to let me have it
14. Dressed up or in sweats - I always look amazing in his eyes
13. He cared enough to leave Afghanistan, putting his career on hold, to take care of me while I had HG
12. He puts up with my constant need to have pictures of every moment
11. He respects that my family is very important to me and we are very close
10. He is always patient with me - even when I am not patient at all with him
9. I love his intelligence - and the fact that he doesn't make me feel less than him.
8. When we are together - we are home - wherever we are...
7. I love that he enjoys reading books
6. I love that we can stay up all night and watch the sunrise together
5. I love that he loves me so much he married me twice
4. He misses me - and shows it.
3. He goes out of his way to maintain communication during deployment.
2. He still believes in chivalry
1. As long as I am happy - he is happy.

I love you Sarge!  Thank you for loving me!