Sunday, March 20, 2011


This blog is still a work in progress!
I'm hoping that I can do all the changes while still posting regularly, but you might notice a few things out of whack from time to time while I figure things out.

What's Changing?

New tabs - circled in purple!
If you look under the banner at the top you might notice there are some new tabs. When you click on these you just see the pages and a note that says "coming soon". I hope to fill the content on these pages over the next week or so, and will let you know when they are officially up and running!

Connect using these buttons!

On the right side of this blog you'll see several buttons.  The "F" is for my facebook fan page. "T" is for twitter. The envelope allows you to email me. The "V" will allow you to view our videos hosted on  You can also choose to "follow" us using Google Friend Connect. I am currently debating whether or not I will keep this feature, but for now it's there so feel free to connect with us that way!  I will soon be adding a few more ways to connect, such as through RSS feeds and readers.

The change I am probably the MOST excited about is my new comment system. I hope this will be a better way to connect with my readers and it should also allow you to connect with each other better. This is the first post in which the new comment system will be visible so feel free to test it out!  You'll notice that there is a reply button next to your comment so that I, or anyone else reading, can easily reply to your comment. Comments will be "threaded" so that it is easier to follow the conversation.  In addition, you can log in using your twitter, facebook, or Open ID accounts which allows many more people to comment.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the changes you see on this blog, let me know!  You can either leave a comment on this post or email me at

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