Friday, February 11, 2011

One Word 2011

I recently came across the One Word concept while browsing online. I paused to read about it and felt a tug at my heart as I learned more. I quickly ignored it, closed out the page and walked away...  the tug went away.

That night, I came across another post about it and did the same thing... the tug went away.

A few days later, I was busy pouring out my thoughts during my quiet time and I felt that tug again.  This time, the tug didn't go away when I walked away from my quiet time and started my day...  it followed me as I did laundry, scrubbed toilets, vacuumed floors and wondered how on earth two people could possibly create so many dirty dishes. The tug got stronger and stronger as the day went on!

So here I am. After praying about it some more, I think it's time to realize that "the tug" is God telling me that He wants me to do this. He has a word for me to focus on this year and I need to listen to what He is saying to me through this word.

There are a lot of words I feel like He could be giving me...


All of these are good words and could certainly teach me a lot, but is one of them the word God is laying on my heart with that gentle tug?

I'm not sure what my word is yet... I have an idea, but I'm still in the process of asking God if this is really the word He has for me or if He might give me an easier option! I hope to update soon with my word and continue to update frequently throughout the year about how God is using this word in my life.

Something else is weighing heavy on my heart tonight...

Please be in prayer for those women out there who are currently pregnant and suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarium. This is the same illness I battled during my pregnancy with Monkey last year. It is a horrible thing to go through and there just is not enough awareness out there, and consequently not enough doctors who know how to properly treat it. I've recently been contacted for support by a woman who is 22 weeks pregnant with a little boy, and lives not too far from where we are stationed currently.

Tomorrow, Monkey and I will be driving to deliver copies of Ashli McCall's books on HG (Beyond Morning Sickness - and Momma Has HG) to this sweet woman. With the help of a friend, funding has also been secured for an FDA approved medical device called Prima Bella which helps greatly with the symptoms of HG. It is my prayer that these tools, and anything else I can do for her while I am there, will bring her hope and strength to get through another day with HG. It is also my prayer that one day, HG will be given the attention it deserves so that a cure/better treatment will be found!

Are you part of the "One Word" challenge? What word has God put on your heart for 2011? Please share with me so I can be praying for you this year!


Anonymous said...

Live. I need to stop dwelling on the past, worrying about my future, or wasting my days inside (yeah warm weather!) Time for me to live...

Crystal said...

i agree.. there needs to be more research on HG. i had it with both my pregnancies and the military drs just said it was nothing.. I hope they find a cure or better treatment for it then just trying to shove drugs down ones throat.. My thoughts go out to her..

Tiffany said...

To serve. That would be my word!!

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