Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 48 Hour Rule

Life in the military is full of so many unknowns and unexpected changes!

One of my biggest coping strategies is that from the time Sarge shares big news the 48 hour rule is in effect.  For 48 hours, we are allowed to vent, whine, complain, cry, throw a tantrum, eat comfort food, ask why and basically get all the negativity our of our systems. After 48 hours, we wipe the tears, put away the ice cream cartons and accept the reality of whatever the news is.

I wish I was someone who could just roll with the changes really easily, but I've found that I really need those 48 hours to gather myself and adjust to big news. Once the 48 hours are up, I find it much easier to figure out a new plan and accept it.  There are always positives to every situation, even if they are sometimes clouded by disappointment in the changes not being what we would prefer.

We don't have anything official about this upcoming deployment STILL! This has been the most frustrating pre-deployment period because we are just waiting and waiting and unable to make any plans at all really. We know Sarge is leaving and we know it is supposed to be soon, but they are dragging their feet on cutting the orders. Every time they give us a date, they tell us it COULD change... and then a few weeks later it does. I keep trying to make plans for myself and Monkey but get frustrated because I can't really book any flights or schedule anything, because it might change.

I woke up today with this yucky feeling and I couldn't shake it all morning. By lunch time, I questioned Sarge about deployment plans and whether or not he had heard anything new. He hadn't... but when he went back to work after lunch, wouldn't you know he was greeted with the news that things have changed again! I knew my feeling was for a reason!

That being said, another 48 hours has begun for us -- with the knowledge that even these latest changes will probably change again before all is said and done.  Whatever happens, we're in this together and I know we'll get through it!  I'm assured even more now that God has a lesson for us in this upcoming deployment and I am eager to find out what it is.  In the meantime, I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday and this weekend is a long one that might even be sunny and warm!

Sarge is currently out procuring movies for us to cuddle up and watch tonight. Monkey and I are about to make a batch of cookies together and maybe Saturday, we'll head to the Zoo for some fresh air, sunshine and fun with critters! This time, the 48 hours is more of a time to just be together as a family and soak up the moments we have right now. I guess I've already gotten my venting/adjusting out of the way and accepted that this deployment is gonna be a little crazy and unpredictable and there's really not much we can do to change that. I've even traded in my ice cream for cantaloupe!

Maybe this year is just about keeping calm and carrying on and trusting God has a plan for our journey that is bigger than we can imagine!

So now... off to cuddle and bake cookies!


Anonymous said...

I know how the 48 hour thing goes. Not with Mike but with my dad. It sucks. We woke up many mornings to find him packing. Stay strong and remember I'm a phone call away. I had a blast hanging with ya'll the other night and would love to do it again!

Tiffany said...

*hugs* Praying for you, you know that!! Maybe you're one word is -trust-?! ;-)

Love you!!

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