Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Military Spouses Rock

I'm participating in the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival this week.  Wives of Faith is a great website that connects military spouses from all over, providing encouragement and support.  Check them out at

Why do military spouses rock?

The military spouse is the quiet hero.  She keeps going when she feels like quitting.
She finds strength in God, in those around her, and in the love of her life.

I don't quite have the words today, but I'll share this poem and song with you.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all my fellow Military Spouses!

She wakes very early, he’s leaving today,

She will stand tall and proud as he’s walking away.

He glances back warmly at his children and wife,

Knowing they will bravely carry on with their life.

Her strength and her courage only one understands,

He is walking away with her heart in his hands.

For he knows that without it he would be lost,

But they both know freedom comes at a cost.

She walks away holding her children so close,

Swallowing tears for the one she loves most.

This quiet hero does not walk into war,

She soldiers on behind her front door.

She will move through her life the wind at her back,

Determined to keep her family on track.

Her tears fall in silence while she lies in her bed,

Her fear is right there but nothing is said.

She will ask that no metals be pinned to her chest,

Her husbands safe return her only request.

Few understand her commitment, her life,

She is the quiet hero, the brave soldier’s wife.

Author - Unknown


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Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

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