Thursday, May 6, 2010

orange-lime smoothie recipe

I'm participating in the Wives of Faith Blog Carnival this week.  Wives of Faith is a great website that connects military spouses from all over, providing encouragement and support.  Check them out at

Today's challenge is to share a favorite recipe.
This first trimester has not gone well when it comes to food.
So today, I'm going to share a favorite healthy smoothie recipe that my husband and I created last summer.
We became obsessed with creating yummy smoothie combinations last year after purchasing our Magic Bullet Blender.
This one is fast, easy, and pretty healthy.  Can't beat it!

Cold Sunny D
Lime Sherbert
Frozen and Diced Pineapple
Frozen and Diced Mango
Frozen and Diced Papaya
Frozen and Diced Kiwi
Garnished with a little lime!

Note: I also added some benefiber powder and you cannot taste it at all. Even more healthy!

I personally love to get the frozen fruit smoothie packets from Schwanns. I'm not really sure how the cost compares to buying the fruit on its own instead of already chopped and grouped in a package.  To be honest, fresh produce in our area is really hard to find so the extra cost is worth it for us.  Plus its so easy, and who isn't tempted to reach for something easy when they're hungry?


Jessica said...

oh now this sounds delicious!

thank you for sharing =)

Ebony S said...

That sounds so refreshing!! Hope your morning sickness eases up soon :)

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