Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

For only the 2nd time during this deployment I got to see my husband on webcam!
He couldn't talk out loud, but it didn't matter. 
 I finally, after 3 very long months, got to see my husband's face!!
I can't tell you the good this does for my heart and soul right now...
There just aren't words to express it!

However, on Memorial Day especially, I am forced to remember that there are too many other wives (and other family members) out there who are currently living through my absolute worst nightmare.  
They don't get to see their loved one's smiling faces on webcams.  
They don't get those middle of the night phone calls that warm your heart as you cry happy tears.
 For way too many, these are just cherished memories that they now cling to more than ever.
Their loved ones have paid the sacrifice for us all to enjoy the freedom to enjoy our everyday lives.

So as you gather around with family and friends today.
Please enjoy your BBQ, the warm sun, and the laughter and good times...
Please also take a moment to remember why you have these privileges.
Please remember those who will forever miss someone special in their life.
Include them.  Reach out to them.  Pray for them.  Honor their loved one's memory.
Don't forget the one's who are still serving and fighting... 
On the battlefield half a world away and on the home front battlefield.
Especially today.  Make the time to remember.
Be thankful to be an American.


The Kinglands said...

SO glad you got to see him!!! :o) Hope you had a great Memorial Day!!! Hope you're feeling ok....miss u...more than u can imagine...

Beautiful song BTW!

ATALW said...


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