Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sick Halloween

Monkey and I had great plans to have a Halloween party with lots of good treats and friends. However, we had to cancel the party because of illness. Even after I decided (a couple days ago) to call off the party tonight, I had hoped we'd at least feel well enough to enjoy the day. It seems that it's just not in the plan this year. Unfortunately, even Sarge has managed to get sick. He is still deployed and is absolutely miserable.

I hope to get out in a bit to get our annual Jack-O-Lantern pizza and I picked up some fun Halloween mac and cheese to make for lunch today too. Once Monkey wakes from her nap I will probably go ahead and get her dressed in her Halloween costume. I think we will just plan to snuggle up, munch on some pizza, and probably watch some some Charlie Brown. Maybe Sarge will feel up to Skyping later too.

I was searching for a cute printable sign to put on the door to let trick or treaters know we wouldn't have any candy (and to stop my doorbell from ringing incessantly all night) and couldn't find anything, so I decided to make one myself. It's nothing special, but if you'd like one to print and put on your own door check out the facebook page where you can download the sign I made. Be sure to "like" the facebook page if you stop by! Once we hit 100 likes I'll be doing another giveaway!

I'll be posting about our fall festivities in the next few days!  Also -- be sure to keep an eye on the blog for a VERY big change and announcement!