Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Married... Take 1

I love you babe!
I'm so lucky to be your wife!
I know I thought you were being insanely silly when you made this video on the way to our small wedding...
It's perfect though.  Thank you!
From really far away, you're still the best one at putting a smile on my face!

Getting Married - the first time from The Highleys on Vimeo.

Like a lot of military couples, we technically have 2 wedding anniversaries.
Today we celebrate 2 years of legal marriage.
We never really make a big deal out of today, but choose to quietly celebrate the special day.
I plan to do a bigger post about our love story and a look back at the last couple years next month, 
 for our "big" wedding anniversary.


The Kinglands said...

haha...that's too funny. Happy legal anniversary!!!

ATALW said...

Look at you trying to keep your composure!!

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