Friday, April 23, 2010

Here we go again...

For weeks now I have been fussing with another blog that I've started, but it's just not getting to be where I would like it to be as quickly as I feel like it should.  In the mean time, I need a place to put my thoughts because life is not going to stop moving while I redesign my blog.  I've finally settled on coming back to blogger, at least for the time being.  It's not all about how great the blog looks, it's the content that matters because that is what draws in or repels readers for the most part. So I've challenged myself to be content with a simplistic design for now and just write, because writing is the whole reason I started a blog to begin with and I'm tired of keeping my thoughts bottled up while waiting for perfection on the other site.

Since this is my first post, I guess I will start by sharing a little about myself - though most of you who read this blog will probably already know all of this anyway.

I'm currently 25 years old, an Air Force wife and I am also 10 weeks pregnant with our first child!  This baby is quite the surprise blessing!  I love to take photos, travel, attempt being crafty, am partially "crunchy" and I enjoy cooking/baking when not dealing with morning sickness.

My husband is 26 and is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  It's the first deployment either one of us has been through, so we are learning together.  We have very limited communication because he has no internet access, but he's been great about calling whenever he possibly can.  It's hard to believe we've already almost made it to the 2 year mark.  We are fortunate enough to feel like our love is strengthened every single day despite the hardships that come with deployment communication.  I'd be lying if I said the countdown to homecoming hasn't already begun...  I miss that man so much, every minute of every single day.

We also have an adorable 9yr old dachshund named Rusty.  Rusty was part of the package deal my husband got when he married me.  He's the first dog I have had since moving out of my parents' home several years ago.  We have sure been through a lot together and he will always be my baby dog with a special place in my heart.  He was rescued after being brutally attacked by another dog and initially left for dead.  He has come so far in the last 5 years and is a very loyal companion and best friend.  He loves to snuggle, do tricks for treats, and explore outside!

I don't stick to one topic when I blog - I blog about it all!  I'll be sharing about our military life, marriage, traveling, being pregnant and becoming a mommy, baking/cooking, my crafting attempts, book reviews, photography, product reviews, my spiritual journey, and whatever else crosses my mind from time to time.  I hope to host some giveaways in the future, and my blog is PR friendly!

Our most recent picture with the 3 of us - November 2009